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April 25, 2013
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Creepypasta: Nemesis' Hunt

by darkangel6021

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain poured down like tears of sorrow while lightning came down, their roar like an angry lion in the dreary and corrupted city of Demorian. In the center of it all, a tall ominous building towered over all the others, where an evil man known as The Viper resides.

He was a powerful and wealthy crime lord who controlled half of the city with such ruthlessness, that no man, woman or child were safe whilst he still remained the 'Top Dog'. Despite being known for smuggling, shark-loaning, assaults and many other unforgivable crimes, due to his connection with some very powerful people, every charges that he received were dropped. Even those who apparently witnessed his varied crimes and were willing to testify, either changed their minds so suddenly or died under 'mysterious' circumstances.

In his upstairs lair, The Viper was having a private meeting with two separate gang leaders, discussing a partnership deal involving one of his heist plans. Guards, fully armed, were position in every floor and hallway, so as to not be spied on by any intruders who may threaten them in any way. There were even guards positioned both inside as well as outside of the meeting room.

As they were about to make an official agreement, the lights in all the rooms suddenly went off. The entire building was in total darkness, with only the lightning as a source of light.

The Viper, frustrated that his meeting was suddenly interrupted, turned on the voice box in front of him, connecting to the security room. "What's going on over there?! What's happened to the lights?!"

"Sorry sir! Seems to be a power outage of some sorts. We'll try and get the lights back on as soon as-! What the-?! How did you get in here?! No! NO STOP! PLEASE! AHHhhhhhhhh-!"

The voice box suddenly went dead. This unsettled The Viper.

He then made contact to one of his security group leaders in the hallways of the building. "Cobra! Something seems to have occurred in the security room! Find out what's going on!"

"Right Sir! Come on men, to the security room!" he said before signing off.

What happened next, made even the crime lord shake with fear. Screams. Not just any screams, but screams of inhumane terror and agonizing pain that echoed throughout the building. The bloodcurdling screams went on for hours, like a dreaded banshee that was slowly being tortured. It was horrible. Even the two gang leaders were shaken up from those unsettling sounds.

"Cobra! Anyone! What's going on over there?! Answer me!" The Viper demanded.

There was just a brief moment of silence before the voice box went on again, followed by a sinister chuckle.

"Cobra is that you?! You better not be messing around with me!" he said, annoyed that that someone was messing with him.

"I'm sorry, Cobra is unavailable at this time, or any other time for that matter, Mr Viper," a female voice responded, before chuckling again.

Viper and the two gang leaders froze still with fear. "Who the Hell is this?!"

"Ah yes, how can I forget my manners," the voice said, almost taunting the big crime lord. "I am Nemesis. I am your judge, jury and executioner, therefore making you... my prey!"

"What the hell are you babbling about?!"

"You who have caused nothing but pain and misery to this city, you who have manipulated the law for your own greed and malice. You thought that if you have connections with certain powerful people in this city, you could get away with everything," the voice continued, the tone darkened into a more menacing stage. "But guess what, not anymore. And to make matters worse for you, I am in this building, its nighttime, and as I get closer and closer to you and your partners, every one of your men start dropping like flies! So don't worry, I'll be there soon...very soon." The speaker then went dead.

The Viper was frozen still in his seat. Beads of sweat were rolling down his fear-stricken face. Meanwhile, the two gang bosses were pacing up and down like cages wolves in a state of panic while the two bodyguards stationed inside were waiting for orders from their boss.

It was only when the screams of pain were getting closer and closer did The Viper snap out of it and got down to business. "Oi! Guards! Go out there and take care of the perpetrator!"

Frightened yet nevertheless loyal, the guards rushed out of the room, fully armed with their revolvers, and locked the door behind them. A couple of minute later, shots were heard in the hallway. At this point, The Viper smirked with confidence, thinking that no one could possibly survive a hail of bullets, much less try and get past them. It was only when he heard his bodyguards scream in agony before going completely silent, did he go pale.

The door slowly unlocked. Then it slowly began to open. At first, nothing seemed to happen. What happened next, made everyone's stomach churn. Two bodies were thrown into the room, both with their heads decapitated and deep slash wounds on the torso and arms. Despite the disfigurements, it was plainly clear that the bodies were of the bodyguards that were just sent out.

As the men stared at the bodies in absolute horror, they then heard the faint sound of tiny wheels rolling down the dark hallway. When they looked up, what they saw unnerved them. There, skidding casually towards them was a young girl.

She appeared to be in her late teens, with wild chestnut hair that reached down to her waist. She wore a maroon midriff top and navy blue jeans, and had scars on her arms and waist. But what had unsettled the men the most was the mask that she wore. It was white with black lips and eyes, with black thorn vines on the left side of the face. And to top it off, her eyes were a black as night with weird symbols.

The masked girl, who called herself Nemesis, spoke. "Well, well, well. Looks like I've found you. Now then, who shall I start off with?"

Not wanting to know what this 'deranged' girl had in mind, The Viper quickly rushed over to one of his secret doors in order to escape, followed by the other two. Just as he open the door, a big hairy spider appeared in from of them, causing them to jump back, screaming their heads off.

The spider slowly walked towards them as they quickly rushed backwards, making hissing sounds while its beady eyes shined brightly with excitement from sensing their fears. It's fangs glistened in the dark room as green venom dropped to the floor, making it look as if the spider was drooling.

"No Geneva, don't eat him. You'll get a nasty indigestion if you do," Nemesis cooed to her excited eight-legged friend before turning to the three remaining men in the room. "However you can still have a bit of fun with them. I'm sure that they will be far more entertaining then the last lot that we had to go through."

She then brought out her yo-yo, activating its blades in the process. "Now then, how about we remind you all of your crimes that you have committed over the years before killing you." She then slowly glided over to the cowering men with Geneva following closely behind.

"This Just in. Notorious Crime Lord, The Viper, was found brutally murdered in his office at 8 o'clock this morning by the daytime security. The Viper was found with his arms and legs dismembered and minced, his stomach opened with half of his organs removed, and his bruised body pumped full of unknown poisonous substance. His bodyguards and his men that were stationed in all floors of the building were all massacred in the most brutal and inhumane way that no 'sane' person could do such heartless act. Two other bodies that were discovered beside the Crime Lord, who were identified as being local gang bosses, were found with their testicles sliced off, bound and gagged with duck-tape, strung upside down and their throats slit open. Although they have no physical evidence as to who was responsible for these deaths, the police suspect that whoever it was was someone who owed 'The Viper' money that there may have been more than one person responsible for the killings. His important files of all his clients were also set on fire in his office, so uncovering these suspects will be even harder to find. If anyone has any information connected to this incident, please call the police station immediately."

As people crowded around the window television, either horrified by the grisly news or pleased to hear that the feared man in the city was killed like that, no one noticed a young mysterious girl, wearing a dark hoody that covered her face whilst carrying a backpack and two grocery bags full of things, walking right past them without even catching a glance at the crowd. Had they had noticed, they would've heard a dark chuckle filled with amusement coming from the figure.

The sudden noise of laughter brought attention to this person. Looking to where the noise was coming, she saw a group of older boys holding up a teddy bear surrounding a little scared girl in tears, reaching out for the bear. Growling, she then marched over to the scene, placed her shopping down and snatched the teddy bear away before grabbing one of the boys by his hair and pulled it back far enough for him to see her. As soon as she did that, the others immediately stopped their torment on the little girl.

"Now then, are you 'dogs' gonna scamper off with your tails between your legs, or am I gonna have to school you in behavior?" she asked, her tone firm and menacing while pulling the boy's hair even harder. Terrified of this person's personality, the boys instantly ran off while acting like a bunch of babies. Even one that she got by the hair managed to pull away and ran after his mates.

Chuckling at their cowardly moves, she then looked down at the little girl, who stared up at her then at the teddy bear before up again. Smiling sweetly, she kneeled down to the girl's eye-level before handing her the teddy bear. "I believe that this little guy here belongs to you."

The little girl smiled brightly. "Yes, thank you miss!" she exclaimed before talking the teddy bear and hugging it close to her chest.

"Your welcome sweetie." The person then stood up, picking up her shopping in the process before walking off again.

As she got to a deserted alleyway, she then stopped and inspected her surroundings before unzipping her hoody, allowing a large tarantula out of hiding. "Sorry about that Geneva, didn't mean to take so long to find a suitable place to let you out. Are you alright?"

The spider let out a few hisses to show that she was annoyed, but calmed down as soon as she as she got herself comfortable on top of the girl's head. Making sure that the spider was settled, the girl started to walk off again. "Well now that we've done our task of the day, lets go back home. I'm sure that the boys are just dying for some of my home cooked meals. Besides, I'm sure that Eyeless Jack will be overjoyed to have some of these organs that I harvested from our latest kill."

Within minutes, the pair disappeared without a trace.

Okay, I hate to say this but.... this is one of the worst writings that I have EVER done DX Well...maybe not the WORST writing, but certainly not as good as my 'Secret of Blackwood' one.
Well anyways, this is my oneshot story involving Nemesis. Read if you are interested.
And now that this one has finished, I will now continue working on my Slenderman story.
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